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Awesome Orthodontist, never had any complaints, most of the time I arrived early and I was seen right away. I had a terrible under bite, like a bulldog, i was told by most dentist that i would need surgery but Dr Zarabi did it with invisalign. I am super happy with the results and with Dr Zarabi and his staff for taking care of me and getting my bulldog under bite fixed! Thank you

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Are You Considering Ceramic Braces?

Are You Considering Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic braces are a fantastic way to straighten the misalignment of teeth without making the fact that you are wearing braces blatantly obvious. Ceramic braces, which in essence serve the same role as traditional braces, are designed to be the same color as teeth to hide the brackets from being visible.While ceramic braces most certainly…

What Happens If I Don&#    ;t Wear My Retainers?

What Happens If I Don't Wear My Retainers?

Any patient who goes through a teeth straightening treatment, such as braces or clear aligners, must wear retainers to keep their smile straight and looking great. It is important to understand the importance of the retainer and follow the instructions provided by the orthodontist or cosmetic dentist. It is essential for patients who have recently completed…