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Feel very fortunate to be in the care of Dr. Zarabi. After a severe / traumatic incident, which affected more than just my jaw and teeth and the orthodontic work therein / needing other surgeries for multiple facial fractures, I am now working with him to hopefully correct the aftermath. Dr. Zarabi is thoughtful, patient, knowledgeable, and takes the time to answer any and all questions. The staff – namely, Aisa – is fantastic, too. It is rare to find doctors with whom you fully trust and are comfortable. Accordingly, I can not recommend him highly enough.

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You May Need Orthodontic Work Before Getting A Dental Implant

You May Need Orthodontic Work Before Getting A Dental Implant

You may have delayed replacing a lost tooth for a long time due to certain reasons. However, the orthodontic work of getting a dental implant to fill the gap in your dentition may be easier than you think.If the tooth has been missing for a while, there could be issues with the gap. Usually, the…

Common Types Of Braces

3 Common Types Of Braces

Braces are a common treatment that general dentists offer to patients who have crooked teeth or uneven bites. Modern dentistry has allowed for the evolution of multiple kinds of braces, which allows patients to consider the advantages of each one. Ready to learn more?Each type of braces works similarly, in the sense that the goal…